Ramilax Construction Ltd provides such services as:

  • managing of development and approval of design (architectural design, M&E systems);
  • control over design development;
  • representing the client’s interests on site;
  • management and quality control over construction work, and meeting contract timelines;
  • control and the required technical and engineering supervision over construction work;
  • control over establishing prices and documentation for work performed by contractors;
  • checking of quality and appropriateness of materials, structures and equipment employed;
  • analysis of costs; insurance that the client’s financial investments in the project are used effectively;
  • supervision and approval of hidden and performed work;
  • control and supervision to ensure that work done and its cost and quality comply with the cost estimates, design and contractual documentation, construction norms, standards of construction, and performance criteria for completed construction;
  • arrangement on behalf of the client of the tender of contracts for the design, construction, and other services entailed by the project;
  • determination, together with or on behalf of the client, of the suppliers of equipment and construction materials.

Having broad experience with management of projects at different levels of complexity, our company is always ready, at the client’s request, to carry out a complete scope of additional services with respect to construction and design project management, being capable of taking full responsibility for any liabilities incurred.